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I am 36 years old and was diagnosed in January of 2022 when I had a grand mal seizure and found out I have a brain tumor. A month later we were seen in Mayo because my local hospital couldn’t operate and Mayo ended up saying the same thing because the tumor is on my motor strip and would paralyze me on my right side. The seizure also affected my right hand and arm leaving it more weak. After a biopsy, I was diagnosed with a grade 2:3 oligodendroglioma. My wife and I left our kids for 6 weeks to live at Mayo Rochester while I had proton radiation. We got back on Easter weekend. I then started chemo in May with PCV and then did have to stop that type of chemo because my body’s bone marrow was not responding or bouncing back well enough to continue, so they had to switch me to a different chemo which is what I’m currently doing rounds of as of now. It has been a hard year for our family as we have tried to navigate this the best we can.


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  1. Trip to our family reunion

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