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My name is Matt and in January 2019, at just 32 years old, our lives came to an abrupt halt when I was suddenly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia with complicated chromosomes. Because of those complicated chromosomes, it has made the treatment process difficult, sometimes painful, and mostly unsuccessful. My type of AML is rare, there are very few patients to compare me to. This cancer is relentless and unforgiving, leaving us to face the reality that I may not be here much longer. I have also undergone 2 stem cell transplants, both unfortunately failed. Thankfully, my bone marrow has been clear since the transplant, but the cancer has found its way to manifest elsewhere. It has grown in my stem cell fluid, in tumors throughout my body. If there was a treatment to be done, I have done it.

At this point, all the chemo is doing is buying me some more time here with my family. There will come a point when no treatments will work. I need my children to have positive memories of me, not just the memories of dad being sick.


Matt’s LifeList:

  1. Family trip to Great Wolf Lodge
  2. Family trip to Lake Winniepesaukee
  3. Tickets to Santa’s Village
  4. Tickets to Storyland

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