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Lisa S

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My story is a unique one. I went to the oral surgeon/dentist for an abscess in my mouth. They biopsied it to find out if the dental surgeon would take care of it or the ENT. It came back as a maxillary tumor. Because of its location and classification it is a one in 10 million chance. I always thought of myself as special, but this was a little too much. Neither doctor would do anything else for me and they immediately said the only place that could help me was MD Anderson – a cancer center 300 miles away. I had been at my new job for just four months and was told I needed this aggressive invasive golf ball-sized tumor removed from my sinuses. Surgery was scheduled almost immediately. They ended up having to stretch nerves and muscles and were worried about the proximity to my eye (losing sight). I am now missing 4 teeth and half of my palate.


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  1. A getaway to Wembley

  2. Cypress Creek Cottages

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