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My name is Lewis and I’m 39-years-old. I was diagnosed with B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 18th, 2021. I started to have symptoms of intense body pain on Christmas Day 2020. I went to urgent care and my primary care physician several times with them saying my pain was due to being overweight, pinched nerves, and getting older. I started to have low-grade fevers for over 17 days and went to the ER where they discovered abnormalities in my blood work.


I spent the next 6 weeks in the hospital while I had chemo, lumbar punctures, and bone marrow biopsies. The most difficult part was not being able to have visitors during this time due to COVID protocols, but my wife and daughter were incredibly strong during this time. My wife, Alyson, actually had lymphoma ten years ago and was on top of so much during treatment. Since I was discharged I’ve been going to the clinic several times a week and had complications several times in the past year. I’ve spent roughly three months inpatient collectively in the past year. However, I’m on the upswing and doing my best to take every day one step at a time.

Lewis’ LifeList:

  1. A weekend in NYC with my family

  2. Tickets to the Lion King on Broadway

  3. Tickets to see an AEW event

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