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During the holiday season of 2022, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My world was turned upside down. I was previously a healthy 26 year old with no family history of breast cancer and no genetic connections to the disease. After my diagnosis, my medical team deemed it necessary to undergo a mastectomy surgery. I went through the surgery in January

2023 paired with a reconstructive surgery. In February 2023, days before my 27th birthday, I was told I needed to also add chemotherapy and radiation to my treatment plan. This was the lowest blow of the entire process, and it was never mentioned as a possibility when I first found out about the cancer. Because of this, I have also been through fertility treatments to freeze eggs to try and save my ability to have my own children when I am ready. Fast forward to now, I am currently undergoing chemotherapy through May. Once this is complete, I will begin radiation therapy through June.


Lauren’s LifeList:

  1. Trip to Maine

  2. 100 Level Seats to a Chicago Sports Game (Cubs, Blackhawks, or Bulls)

  3. Helicopter Ride

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