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I was first diagnosed with cancer on August 4th 2022. I thought I had kidney stones and went to the urgent care clinic. The doctors also thought I had kidney stones, but after doing blood work I was told I had acute pancreatitis and to go to the ER. After a CT scan the ER doctor told me they found a 5 cm mass on my pancreas. He said it looked malignant. I live in a small rural town and there is no treatment available here for me, so we travel out of state from Oregon to Minnesota to see the best surgeons and oncologists. Once the testing came back from my biopsy I was told I have Ewing’s sarcoma on my pancreas. Ewing’s sarcoma is very rare, with only 25 cases in the world.

Luckily I am able to get treatment in my home state, but we do have to travel 5 hours each way for every treatment. Since the beginning of October I have been getting 5 different types of chemo almost every 2 weeks. Currently I am getting ready for my surgery!


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