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Kyle B

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I am 38 and happily married and we have two little girls. On January 3, 2020, I had an MRI done because of some severe back pain whenever I would lay down flat. It turned out to be a very aggressive foot-long mass in my chest of lymphoma. The amazing team at the James in Ohio got to work on me and I went through 6 months of aggressive chemo which made the mass completely disappear. However, there were a couple of spots on the PET scan that still lit up in my neck and, after a biopsy, we found out that I had thyroid cancer as well, totally unrelated to the lymphoma. After the surgery to remove my thyroid, I was getting back in shape when about 2 months later my lymphoma returned in my spinal column. I started again on an aggressive form of chemo and had a stem cell transplant in January of 2021.

Kyle’s Life List:

  1. Repairs for our screened-in porch.

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