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Kaydee K

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In August of 2018, right before my senior year of high school, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in my right femur. I underwent three months of chemo and then had an intense surgery to remove and artificially replace six inches of my femur and my knee. That was followed by six more months of chemo which I officially completed two weeks after high school graduation on May 29, 2019. I then proceeded to have an amazing summer before I moved to Washington to go to Gonzaga University to pursue a biology degree in order to go to PA school. However, by November of 2019, the pain in my leg was back again. After several biopsies, I was diagnosed with relapsed Ewing’s and I started treatment again on March 11, 2020. We were ultimately working toward a stem cell transplant, but I needed to have local control of the disease before we proceeded.

Unfortunately, I ended up relapsing in July of 2020 in my sacrum area and C3 vertebrae, while I was in treatment. The doctors revealed to me that I had a less than 5% chance of cure rate and they had one more chemo protocol they could try, but we were told the bone marrow transplant was off and we started looking into clinical trials and talking to specialists all over the country. Thankfully, this new chemo managed to work and between October-December I got radiation. I was lucky enough to get the transplant on January 22, 2021. While I’m so happy that we even got to this place, the transplant was absolutely brutal. I suffered awful side effects and had a reaction called engraftment syndrome, which is when you engraft too fast and my entire body was inflamed. I had severe blisters and nerve pain, along with red skin that wilted off like a snake. I was treated as a burn victim because the pain was so severe. Let’s just say, it was the worst month of my life. Right now, my PET scan is clean, but I am still seeing the doctors at least once a week for lab draws and check-ups. I am beyond exhausted and in need of a break from my hospital. I’m also starting an oral chemo within the next few weeks as sort of a maintenance drug, therefore, I am still not done with treatment and I won’t be for the next two years.

Kaydee’s Life List:

  1. A suite at an Avs game for my family and I (we are a HUGE hockey family!).
  2. Dinner downtown for my friends and I to thank them for being here for me.

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