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Katie C

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I found out in my early 20’s that I was BRCA2 positive. I thought I did everything right with different proactive scans every three months. I even planned to have a double mastectomy and radical hysterectomy when I was 35. Fast forward to 2022 when I found a  lump that I was told was a clogged duct from breastfeeding. I finally received an MRI in April of 2022 at the age of 32 that changed my life forever. It was just breast cancer but had already spread to my bones and liver. I was stage 4 or metastatic right from the jump. In just six months I am on my second line of treatment – IV chemotherapy once a week for three weeks and then one week off. I will do three months of this and then see if I responded.


Katie’s LifeList:

  1. Trip to Chicago

  2. Go to 11/11 concert

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