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Kate S

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Last September I started having a really bad earache. I thought it was an ear infection so my primary care physician prescribed the appropriate medication but it didn’t go away. I went to three ENTs who all said it was just TMJ even though I was having the worst pain ever and unable to sleep.  On December 3rd, I had terrible pain and the next morning my face had partial paralysis. I went into the hospital and they told me I had a few masses. They did biopsies and determined that it was cancerous on January 23rd. They did surgery on January 25th to remove the two biggest tumors. I then went through 7 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. We then had to wait three months to find out if it had worked… and it did! Except they found it in my lung nodules…. and they just did another scan and found it in my c6 vertebrae. I am now going to start chemo and radiation again and a trial drug.


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  1. A family trip somewhere they’ve never been

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