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Joseph G

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My name is Joseph and I am 32-years-old with a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma that was removed in January from my frontal right lobe. I had radiation five days a week for seven weeks and will complete 12 months of oral chemotherapy. I will have MRIs every two months to ensure the tumor does not grow back. 

I was treated at Dana Farber and Brigham and am forever grateful for their knowledge, compassion, and care. I am In the process of finishing my chemotherapy and will enroll in short-term rehabilitation to gain some strength and speech therapy to help with my frontal right lobe and the long-term issues it has caused me. Unfortunately, my tumor was so large that my frontal right lobe had to be completely removed. My wife and I opened a deli and ice cream shop five years ago and I have not been able to work since my diagnosis, I am hoping my body allows me to return at least part-time.

Joseph’s LifeList:

  1. A weekend for 4 at the Omni Mount Washington Resort with a round of golf

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