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At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage 3 in October 2022. For a few months prior, I had started losing weight because I couldn’t eat due to constant stomach pain. I also started experiencing severe pain in my upper back and had a persistent dry cough. After 2 months of doctor visits and labs, I was told to go to the emergency room immediately due to abnormally high lipase levels. Further testing in the ER showed a tennis ball size tumor on top of my left lung and a completely collapsed left lung. I also had tumors in my thyroid and near my pancreas. I was transferred to Stanford Children’s as soon as my local hospital confirmed it was cancer. I am grateful that Stanford Children’s was able to take me.

I started treatment by first getting a port inserted on Halloween 2022. Chemotherapy started 2 days later and I’ve been getting inpatient chemotherapy in 3 week cycles (1 week of treatment and 2 weeks of recovery). Along the way, I’ve experienced many setbacks that have delayed chemotherapy a few times. The side effects of chemotherapy have been very hard and I’ve spent more time in the hospital than out. I just completed round 6 and will start round 7 right after Easter. My oncologist believes round 7 should be my last round of chemotherapy. A PET Scan a few weeks after round 7 will confirm that my treatment is complete. I am very hopeful, but worried how chemotherapy might change me longterm. I want to work on getting my mind strong so I can continue my education. 


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  1. Laptop and Monitor for School

  2. Desk

  3. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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