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Jess B

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Hi! My name is Jess. I was 26 years old when I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. I did all of the recommended treatment and then some. Not even two months after treatment I was diagnosed with stage IV with progression in my liver. Fast forward a couple of years and I’ve been on a roller coaster of highs and lows. I almost died in the hospital from lung metastases in the middle of covid by myself. I came out of that just in time to receive the first-ever targeted treatment for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer and am happy to say I’m currently stable after over a year on it. The only treatment to keep my subtype of breast cancer at bay is chemotherapy. So I’ll likely be on chemo the rest of my life.


Jess’s LifeList:

  1. A trip to Hawaii with her husband
  2. A Maui excursion

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