Jennifer T

Former LifeList Warriors

I was diagnosed with stage 2B breast cancer after finding a lump in the shower at the age of 36. The biopsy came back negative, but my surgeon had a “gut feeling” that she should remove the mass anyway. We found out after removing the mass that it was an aggressive grade 3 tumor. I later found out that it spread to my lymph nodes. Two surgeries, chemo, and I will then need to do radiation.

With my career just starting to take off and two young kids, this news was traumatic. I’m working while going through an extreme chemo regimen and still have to do radiation. I fell unsure where I fit in, as I’m too old for the children’s centers, and I feel like I am a child at my local cancer center. Everyone is older and I feel almost out of place.

Jennifer’s Life List:

  1. A beach rental at the Outer Banks, NC in the spring for my family.
  2. A trip to Universal Orlando with my family.
  3. A fancy spa day.
  4. A trip with my husband.