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At 33 years old, I was diagnosed withStage 1 breast cancer.After taking a shower one day, I felt a pretty noticeable bump within my breast tissue. I was a relatively healthy adult with no major health issues. I was getting ready for a flight on a friend’s trip to Mexico and decided to try my best to relax and make an appointment upon my return. After an ultrasound, an MRI and a biopsy, we found out it was cancer. I’m the first in my family diagnosed with breast cancer. We moved quickly and scheduled more biopsies for the left breast and more for the right to rule out any other cancer spots. Luckily, those came back clear. I then had lumpectomy surgery in February of 2023. Now, I am awaiting approval for fertility preservation and chemotherapy, which will be followed by radiation treatments. 

One thing I’ve embraced after accepting my diagnosis is the amazing people I’ve met. I’ve been in local support groups and met the most amazing women that went through what I’m going through. It gives me so much hope that I can live a full life post cancer.

Janet’s LifeList:

  1. Family trip to Sedona, Arizona

  2. A weekend stay at Disneyland

  3. A trip to Hawaii

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