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I was 36 when I found out I had breast cancer. I realized I had a lump in my breast. After seeing my regular physician, I did a mammogram, an MRI, and had a biopsy done. My cancer care team started with a double mastectomy.

I had a rough recovery afterwards. I had an emergency surgery one week later on Thanksgiving morning to fix a blood hematoma that formed. My stitches popped, and that created open wounds. They are still healing, and it has been a painful, rough road.

I am not a stranger to medical issues, unfortunately. At age 19 I went from having a care free, healthy body to being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my whole body. Then several years ago adding on fibromyalgia. I have paused the treatment for my arthritis to deal with the breast cancer diagnosis and journey. I am grateful to have modern medicine and devices that can detect and treat medical issues so we can have the best quality of life, despite the illnesses we have.


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  1. Family trip to DisneyWorld

  2. Family Roadtrip to San Diego/LA to visit Legoland, Sea World, or Disneyland

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