Jake A

Memoriam Warriors

As a young adult, or youngish at 35 years old, Jake had reached most of the important life milestones someone his age should have reached, at least by some standards. In January of 2016, after completing graduate school in 2014, his son Eamon was born and of course all previous priorities became secondary as they welcomed their boy. Now more than ever he was convinced that he wanted to be in Denver, to buy a house and settle down as a family. He was set to move towards that goal exclusively, by working and saving, and doing it all with a smile because his wife and child were with him. 

In October of 2015 Jake had a normal Doctor’s check up that came back with something off on his lipids. He was sent to a Gastro-Intestinal specialist who took a look but did not find anything too concerning other than a polyp on his Gall Bladder. Five months later he began having some abdominal pain, and on a follow up ultrasound of his gall bladder, the Dr. noticed that he had an inflamed lymph node. This prompted a CT Scan which revealed a mass located by his liver.

At this point it was confirmed that he had a malignant tumor but Dr.s did not know what kind. After a biopsy it was revealed that he has a rare High Grade Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) on his pancreas. He also has some other small hotspots scattered around his abdomen.  They now have put moving forward together as a family on hold to deal with his health and fight this tumor to regain his health. They hope to quickly get back on track and focus on building their future as a young family.

Jake’s LifeList:

  1. Raft Trip with lots of friends/ family (overnight)
  2. BBQ with Friends and Family
  3. Panic en la Playa
  4. Belize/Beach Trip/Hawaii
  5. Avalanche Ranch Soak weekend
  6. A Place to stay for a College Friends trip out to ski in January or Late March (Dates being decided now)