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I had big plans. On June 5th, 2021 I graduated from high school at age 17.  I was planning to enter my employer’s career program at 18 to become a store manager.

At the end of June, I started to have some leg discomfort, and in early July my mm took me to the ER because my knee had become swollen and red. An X-ray was taken. The technician missed seeing a problem.  We were told the orthopedic department would call us for a follow-up appointment.

Later in July, I had a follow-up meeting with an orthopedic doctor. The doctor scheduled an MRI for July 31st, 2021.  A couple of hours later, exactly two weeks after my 18th birthday, the doctor called and said that I most likely had cancer in my leg. It was a totally devastating and unbelievable call to take at age 18. A biopsy done on August 5th clarified that I had osteosarcoma in my tibia bone.

I had (2 cycles) six treatments of chemo, and then on November 9th, a five-hour surgery was performed to remove the tumor and do a total knee replacement.  On, November 23rd it was back to having more rounds of chemo. I have chemo scheduled until March.


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