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I am a 38-year-old kindergarten teacher and a single mom to a 9-year-old girl.  I was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with metastases to both my lungs and liver in January of 2022. This has been a real struggle. In one moment my whole life was shaken to its foundation. I remember exactly where I was when the oncologist called me to tell me I had breast cancer – sitting in my classroom while my students were at their specials class. I never imagined at the start of this school year that this could be my last year teaching; never imagined a scenario where I would be planning what to do with my daughter when I am gone because when I am gone my daughter will be an orphan. It is very easy to spiral down the dark thoughts of what I will miss but I want to make the best of whatever time I have left with her.  I want to make memories that will last her a lifetime because there is a very real possibility I won’t be around when she’s 20.

I cannot thank Dear Jack Foundation enough for helping me accomplish this, for bringing me hope, and for bringing me a reprieve from the heaviness of cancer. I have had a dream of taking my daughter out west to see the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest, the mountains in Montana… and thanks to Dear Jack we get to cross some things off of our life list.  I am choosing to be grateful for each day I get with my daughter and am trying to make the best of each day and Dear Jack is making a dream of mine become a reality!


Holly’s LifeList:

  1. Trip with her daughter

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