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Giovanni M

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In early 2020, I started to develop lower back pain. At this point, I was 22 years old with no medical issues at all. I was going to my primary care physician for back pain, but the doctors would not give me a scan or anything. They eventually provided an x-ray, but nothing more. After a few months, they told me I had sciatica. Eventually, I developed a small bump on my lower back, and the pain got worse. I went back to the doctors, trying to get an MRI, but they did not provide me with one. In June of 2020, I moved to San Luis Obispo with my significant other for college. The pain kept getting worse, and my significant other ended up taking me to the emergency room about 3 times before they would even give me an MRI scan because I had fallen in my home due to the loss of feeling in my right leg – the side where my lower back pain was and they were thinking that was the cause of my pain. 


After hours in the hospital, they told me that I could have a type of cancer in that area. This was early November, 2020. A few days later, I was finally able to get into an oncologist who confirmed that I have cancer, either Ewing or another type. My family then drove me to USC the next day to try to get admitted so I could get help right away, and get a biopsy. I was at USC for two weeks after that. They confirmed that I had Ewing sarcoma, and that is when I started treatment. I just completed my final round and will go in for a scan later this month.


Giovanni’s Life List:

  1. Asus GeForce video card
  2. Intel Core processor
  3. ROG STRIXgaming Motherboard
  4. 27” odyssey G7 gaming monitor

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