Dear Jack

Gianna C

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I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma the week I turned 21 (I just turned 24). Since then, I’ve undergone five treatment types because my cancer keeps coming back. Although this cancer is supposed to be highly curable, mine is aggressive and no treatments have worked so far. Additionally, I’ve had really severe side effects to the chemo that I have done including lung toxicity, temporary leg paralysis, etc.

Before getting diagnosed, I was working and going to school to become a marine biologist. But due to the lung toxicity from one of the chemos I did, I can’t have oxygen anymore which means scuba diving is likely out of the picture for me now. I’m still trying to feel hopeful that another treatment will work and I’m currently undergoing radiation for the first time. The goal is to get me into remission so I can do stem cell replacement therapy.

Gianna’s Life List:

  1. A Sony FE 200–600 mm F5.6–6.3 G OSS camera lens.

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