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I found a lump early in 2022 and thought to myself, “hmmm why does this feel like a clogged milk duct after having finished breastfeeding my youngest 1 year prior.” I monitored it to see if it would resolve with my next two menstrual cycles as there was no way that this would be cancerous at my young age of 36, mama to 3 young kids, without an immediate family history of breast cancer. And oh my, I was in for a big, unfortunate surprise.

I went to get the lump checked out after months of backed out appointments and sure enough, I was diagnosed at 36 with Stage IIIB breast cancer in June of 2022. Navigating treatment of chemo, double mastectomy, and radiation…I often find myself as the youngest patient and one of the only Filipinas or women of color in the room. Taking this time during treatment to step back from work, focus on what’s important to me, and rest…because rest is part of my healing and rest is revolutionary. My treatment includes chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, I will be on hormone therapy for at least 5 years following the end of active treatment. So far, I’ve completed 8 rounds of chemotherapy and had surgery the first week of January. Once I recover from that, I will start radiation.


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  1. Family vacation to Hawaii

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