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In May of 2020, one week after my 35th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 1b invasive ductal carcinoma, which was both estrogen and progesterone positive.  It happened during the height of not only the COVID-19 pandemic but also during the riots last year when George Floyd died. I can’t ever forget because the day I was diagnosed the police had to escort me to my medical building due to the riots downtown. It was an overwhelming and emotional day.

In June of 2020, I underwent a double mastectomy and in July I underwent IVF and egg freezing surgery to freeze my eggs with the hopes that one day I could still be a mother. I underwent chemotherapy from August to November of 2020. During this time I was hospitalized for severe infections and I almost lost my life in October of 2020 because of severe side effects from chemo. I survived and, in January of 2021, I started my first hormone drug. I experienced really bad side effects again and was taken off of the medication for 3 months. Unfortunately in July of 2021, I had a breast cancer reoccurrence and underwent surgeries in September, October, and November to remove the new tumors and to remove my breast implants that became infected. In December of 2021, I started a new hormone therapy treatment. I will take both hormone treatments for the next 10 years which has put me in menopause.


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  1. Trip to a cabin to get away

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