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Elizabeth J

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I first felt a lump in my breast in December of 2019.  I made a doctor’s appointment for February of  2020 and was quickly referred for an ultrasound, then a mammogram, then a biopsy.  On March 2, 2020, I received the phone call that I had breast cancer.  I was four days away from my 30th birthday.  At that time, the cancer was stage 1 and localized to my breast.

Over the next year, I received chemo, had a mastectomy, more chemo, and then started an immunotherapy clinical trial.  In August of 2021, I woke up with severe pain in my side.  I went to the emergency department and imaging found that I might have metastases in my lungs.  Over the next few weeks, I had multiple imaging and biopsies performed.  I also began to have headaches, pain in my hips and shoulders, and shortness of breath.  I was diagnosed with recurrent stage four breast cancer.  I had tumors in my bones, lymph nodes, lungs, breast, and brain.  Since then I’ve received radiation to my brain and begun chemotherapy and immunotherapy.  I have been back to the emergency room twice due to fever and hospitalized once.


Elizabeth’s LifeList:

  1. Family trip to Washington D.C.

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