Dexter B

Memoriam Warriors

Twenty-four-year-old Dexter was diagnosed with germ cell cancer (testicular) in August of 2017. At the time he was finishing up his last month as an undergraduate at the University of Washington. He was supposed to graduate that fall but because of his diagnosis, he was forced to miss his finals and start chemotherapy. On top of that, his very last class was supposed to be a study abroad trip to the Netherlands. Again, because of his treatment he was never able to go travel. This was very upsetting because he always wanted the ability to travel without his parents as an adult. Dexter loves being outdoors and has always loved experiencing new things.

Since August, he has completed over 10 rounds of chemotherapy. Over and over again treatments have failed, including an auto stem cell transplant, which has led doctors to be forced to move on to new treatments. Because Dexter was in treatment, he was never able to travel. Constantly receiving bad news was has been very upsetting for Dexter and his family. He has worked hard to remain positive, stay optimistic, and find things that would make him happy. When he had time, he worked on his schoolwork that he wasn’t able to complete last August and because he never gave up, he was able to graduate from the University of Washington on June 9, 2018! 

This past week he started an immunotherapy treatment (PDL1). Luckily it is an outpatient process that goes every three weeks. During the weeks in between his treatment Dexter hopes to do lots of traveling to make up for these past months. Although he’s kept a smile on his face over the past 10 months, he knows for a fact that traveling would help keep him motivated to keep pushing forward.


Dexter’s Life List:

  • Have a graduation party later this summer.
  • Take a road trip to the coast with my parents. 
  • Pay for a plane ticket (and my girlfriend’s ticket, if it’s within budget) to be able to travel to a new part of the world. 
  • Pay for a resort stay & room (Number of days depend on budget).
  • Pay for a Safari excursion in Tanzania.