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Devan R

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Devan was diagnosed with cancer without a clear diagnosis in May of 2021; at the age of 34, it was quite a shock. The cancer presented as “somewhere between Lymphoma and Myeloma”. He went through treatment for the rest of the year, needing to do all of his chemotherapies inpatient. The treatment was rough on his body and mind, but also on the minds and happiness of our two sons who were only 1 and 4 years old at the time. He was able to receive a stem cell transplant that year, achieving a full response and hopes of a long remission.

Unfortunately, in July of 2022, the cancer returned aggressively. This diagnosis is undeniably Myeloma and he’s on a new treatment plan. The first prescribed chemotherapy was not effective, and he’s now on a new chemotherapy to treat until we can collect cells to receive CAR-T therapy starting in the beginning of December 2022.


Devan’s LifeList:

  1. Family trip to Florida

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