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My name is Daniel and I have a type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. It was initially behind my eyes and in my sinuses. Getting told that you have cancer can really hurt you mentally and physically. When I got the first biopsy through my nostril, the tumor swelled up so much that it made me lose vision in my right eye. I started to receive chemo and radiation right away and it seemed to shrink the tumor. When I got my second to the last scan, my doctors assumed what was left was just a bunch of dead cells that my body would clear out over time. I thought that I was cancer-free after nine long months of treatment. I could finally get rid of my wretched NG tube and eat normally again without nausea. I could walk again but I still needed physical therapy to regain what I have lost in muscle and strength.

I was happy for the first time in what felt like years but then something else ended up happening. The cancer cells that did manage to survive the treatment managed to travel to my brain, spine, and to other spots in my body. It only took a month for them to start to grow fast but I was unaware of this. My MRI scan that was supposed to tell me that I was cancer-free ended up giving me different news. My doctors weren’t so sure what they saw because they would only scan my face but when reviewing the scans they noticed a little something on my brain. They ordered another scan but this time of my whole brain and spine because they are both connected through the spinal fluid and there they saw that the cancer has spread to places that are almost impossible to cure.

I’ve been on treatment for my relapse for about 10-11 months. They told me that my cancer was stable meaning that it’s not growing but it’s not shrinking. Hopefully, it can remain stable so I can enjoy whatever time I have left and do the things that I want to experience.


Daniel’s LifeList:

  1. MacBook
  2. Family trip to the mountains

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