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I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 36 on December 27th, 2021. When I first received the diagnosis, everything seemed to always have a sense of urgency to it. I believe that I am still processing that I have cancer. I received so many appointments in less than a week including a surgery date for my port that was only nine days after my diagnosis. I started chemotherapy on February 5th after completing all the scans needed prior. My first treatment was great. However, during my second treatment, I experienced an adverse reaction. It happened on my birthday and I literally thought I was going to die that day. My blood pressure rose to 173/119, my throat began to swell, my oxygen levels dropped, I was flush, and I experienced the most terrifying chest tightness where it felt like there was nothing there in my chest. After another failed attempt at this medication, I was changed to the meds that I was scheduled to start after my first twelve weeks of Taxol. I still work full-time so the side effects make my workdays extremely long and tiring. My job has been so accommodating to my needs of having appointments and needing to sit at work or take an unscheduled break because I don’t feel well.


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  1. 5 tickets to a Grizzlies game

  2. Mackbook Pro

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