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Corey G

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My name is Corey and I was diagnosed on October 10th of 2021 with colorectal cancer. I had been dealing with pain for the previous three months or so before a few trips to the ER where a CT scan showed cancer in my liver and colon. PET scans then showed the cancer was in my abdomen, stomach lining, and lungs as well. I have been undergoing chemotherapy and am now on my 10th round. Chemotherapy has not been too much fun but I think as I continue to get it I’ve gotten more used to being sort of out of commission that week and understanding what that week may look like. It seems like my treatment plan is to do chemo until it stops working and go from there.


Corey’s LifeList:

  1. Tickets to a Yankees home game and a stadium tour

  2. NYC hotel for the weekend

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