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My name is Clinton. I was diagnosed with cancer just a few days after Christmas in 2020. It started off as esophageal cancer with a tumor blocking my throat to my stomach. Once it was found, I was placed on a feeding tube almost immediately since I was unable to eat or drink any fluids. I went through chemo and radiation for about eight weeks, then went on to have an esophagectomy, which is where they removed twelve inches of my throat and a third of my stomach along with the tumor. I then was on immunotherapy for a few months until the doctors had realized that the cancer had metastasized and spread to my lungs.

The most difficult aspect of being a young adult with cancer is knowing the end may be near and that I won’t be able to experience a lot of things young adults take for granted, such as getting married, having children, and just getting out and doing things people enjoy. The fatigue and fear of getting sick is debilitating because any illness can be fatal while I am on treatment. 

When I am not in treatment, I like to make art. When I was seven years old I became an award winning artist through a contest that all 50 states and Canada participated in. It was an ocean themed art contest and I painted two colorful fish that brought me the win for my grade level. I won and got a trip to California and there was an award ceremony in which tons of famous actors and Hollywood people attended. It was the highlight of my life and I have actively done art all my life.


Clinton’s LifeList:

  1. Galaxy Tab S8

  2. Screen Protector for Tablet

  3. Keyboard Cover Case for Tablet

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