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Cindy B

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My cancer journey started at the age of 29. I was diagnosed with stage 2B invasive ductal carcinoma on December 21, 2021. My journey so far has consisted of four rounds of AC chemo and 12 rounds of Taxol. I finished chemotherapy on June 23, 2022! I receive monthly Zoladex shots to shut down my ovaries because I produce too much estrogen. My white blood cells have dipped so low that I had to receive a blood transfusion in February 2022. My double mastectomy is scheduled for July 25, 2022. My treatment will continue after the surgery with radiation, a Salpingo-oophorectomy, chemotherapy in pill form, and medication to help with my BRCA 2 genetic mutation.


Cindy’s LifeList:

  1. Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

  2. Sony A6400 Camera

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