Former LifeList Warriors

Two years ago Chris resigned from his position as a chef and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a firefighter. He knew the competition was tough so he decided to earn his paramedic certification as well. While working one day on an ambulance he felt a severe pain in his groin and abdominal area. This was unlike anything he’d ever experienced before. Chris decided to go to the ED to get checked out as it was something that needed attention right away. It was after a few hours in the ED and an ultrasound that the MD revealed he had a mass on his left testicle that would require removal, but that he couldn’t say whether it was cancer or not.

A couple of weeks later Chris had the operation to remove his testicle. He was on a path of surveillance and thought that was the end of the story. Four months later, a CT scan showed a mass in his lymphatic system. He was faced with the decision of chemotherapy or a major surgery that would remove the infected lymph nodes; this surgery is called Retro Peritoneal Lymph Node Disection, or RPLND. He had the surgery instead of the chemotherapy. 10 months later, however, he developed unusual symptoms such as a dry persistent cough and unexpected weight loss. It was during his next chest X ray and CT scan that it revealed two masses; one that was in his left lung and the other that was near the lung in the lymphatic system again.

Chemotherapy was his only option at this point. Chris was originally a patient at Stanford University, and they were great. They moved quickly to get him into treatment ASAP. However, being in the EMS field, he was not able to continue to work, or perform his paramedic internship while being immunocompromised. Therefore he decided to transfer care to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix for additional support from family.

Being out of work has provided many obvious challenges for someone like Chris who typically likes to stay very busy. One of the most difficult ones isn’t the fact that he’s not earning an income, but the fact that he’s gone through most of savings-savings that were allocated for a wedding package to his girlfriend of 8 years. She has been supportive and he couldn’t ask for a better partner in this fight, but he feel like it’s something that he’s let her down on. Despite the lack of income, savings, good health, and full head of hair she’s still here fighting and praying with him every day.

Below is a list of items that would bring them both a bit of happiness and optimism when we haven’t had a lot of either lately.

Chris’ Life List:

  1. Ice cream party with family
  2. Bowling/top golf day with family
  3. Small wedding package from Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur
  4. Weekend getaway at Meadowood resort/spa for two
  5. 2 year gym membership at 24 hour fitness
  6. Warriors vs Cavs/Celtics/Thunder NBA tickets
  7. Fine dining dinner reservation for two at Manresa, The French Laundry, Meadowood, Quince
  8. Ladies complete golf club set (for girlfriend) with golf weekend getaway.