Carlos U

Former LifeList Warriors

Twenty-four-year-old Carlos was busy recording music and working in the pre-commercial framing industry when he couldn’t shake feeling nauseous. In February of 2017 he headed to the ER and learned he had Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

From there Carlos received chemotherapy that put him into remission, but he decided that he didn’t want any more follow up treatment, feeling that he’d rather take his chances and die happy then spend more time in the hospital.

When Carlos made it home, he decided to change his life. He wanted his rap music to be a positive message, with no cussing or negative statements. He also stopped drinking and started going to church with his mother.

Then, this past November, Carlos started feeling poorly again. When he learned of his relapse, he decided that it was worth going through treatment again as he had so much to live for, including his wife Vi, who he is hoping to be able to share a beautiful wedding with as they did not have one when they married. Carlos is currently waiting to be put back in remission so he can receive a cord blood transplant on the final road to a cure.

Carlos’ Life List:

  1. See Ronaldo play/talk to Ronaldo
  2. New baby blue bottle Microphone to record new music
  3. Massage for his wife Vi