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In April of 2022, I noticed a lump on my lymph node. After initial testing was done, my doctors scheduled him for more tests and biopsies. After this, I was admitted to the hospital with severe pain, and was then diagnosed with large cell lymphoma. Several months later, I was again admitted to the hospital with severe pain, and it was discovered that the lymphoma had spread to the lining of his spine and brain. This type of spread with B-cell lymphoma is almost unheard of, so my doctors and I entered uncharted territory. After several rounds of various treatments, I was scheduled for an autologous transplant this past January, but unfortunately, the lymphoma had progressed, and I  was unable to have the transplant. Since then, I have been in treatment and hope to move forward with the transplant soon. 

Caleb’s LifeList:

  1. Trip to go see a Green Bay Packer’s football game

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