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Brooke’s whole world changed in the beginning of June 2017. Brooke went to college and was on the Texas Tech Pom Squad. As the year progressed, she started to notice changes in her energy level and her focus seemed off. She had no idea that this was just the start of brain tumor symptoms.

She had been having strange feelings and symptoms in her brain for a while, but it got to a certain point in her sophomore year where she couldn’t move her head without pain. That night Brookes’s parents brought her to the ER where she quickly got her first of many MRIs. They found a very large, 7cm brain tumor in the left frontal lobe of her brain. She had a long week of testing at MD Anderson hospital before her 10-hour brain surgery on June 8th, where she was awake for 4 hours of the surgery and had 34 seizures. She remembers being awake and not being able to speak during surgery and her whole right side would seize. It was scary and uncomfortable. The brain tumor she had was growing for so long that it was wrapped into the good parts of her brain. Brooke’s surgeon got under half of it out due to her brain adapting to the tumor for so long. After testing the tumor, the doctors found she had a grade 2 diffuse astrocytoma.

Following surgery, she had 6 weeks of Proton radiation, egg retrieval, and she is currently doing a year of chemotherapy. As a 21-yr-old, this has changed her life forever. She is now back at home doing online school through Texas Tech University. Brooke’s brain is still healing from what it had to overcome in the summer of 2017, but she did not want her brain cancer to stop her from obtaining the college degree she started at Texas Tech. Brooke is working towards an Interdisciplinary degree, getting treatment, and taking every moment in when she feels well. She’s an ambassador with Dancers Against Cancer and she tries to stay healthy by staying active during treatment.

Brooke’s Life List:

  1. A long weekend at my Uncle Dickies Lake house with family
  2. Friends/family cook out at my house
  3. Money to spend on the cruise I am going on the month after my chemo treatment ends this year
  4. Hangout with Justin Bieber and get to listen to his new Christian album before it comes out
  5. Shopping spree at the Houston Galleria