Briana D

Former LifeList Warriors

I was 19 years old when I was first diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It was May 5, 2015. My grandma had just passed away and I didn’t get to go to her funeral because I was in the hospital for treatment. I was told I was in remission in August of that year and all I had to do was finish my chemo regimen. I finished my chemo in August of 2017 and in May of 2018 my cancer had come back. My cancer is a blood and bone marrow cancer, but it came back as masses in my stomach, which is rare. I went through immunotherapy to try and put me back in remission and when it stopped working, they decided on doing CAR-T cell therapy. This put me back in remission and I did a stem cell transplant. After 3 months of no chemo or radiation, my cancer has come back yet again. I’m now on my last option of treatment before I have to move hospitals to try and find a clinical trial for my cancer.

Briana’s Life List:

  1. A Surface laptop 2.
  2. An Apple watch 4.