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Bill P

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I was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in September of 2016. I was 29 years old and my girlfriend (now wife) was 5 ½ months pregnant. I had a full resection of the tumor and underwent months of radiation and chemotherapy. I finished treatments in December of 2017. Years went by with the routine MRIs and checkups and everything was great. I proposed to my girlfriend in May of 2020, then in June, we got the news that my cancer was back in a different area of the brain. We were told surgery wouldn’t really be an option and then they said it was. My fiance and I hurried up and got married on a Tuesday and I had my second brain surgery not even 14 hours later. Again, I went through more radiation and more chemo. By February of 2021, my cancer had spread throughout my brain and onto my spine, and here we are after finishing a third round of radiation with yet again another new chemo/ medicines and we are taking things one day at a time.

Bill’s Life List:

  1. A new lawn mower.
  2. A new sectional.


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