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Bill M

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I’m 32 years old and have been fighting stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma since May of 2019. I’ve been through all of the regular treatments, but none have worked. Currently, we’re trying any experimental treatment I can get them talked into; my desire to beat this has me putting anything on the table for a chance at a cure. I live for my wife and 3 kids, we just have too much fun together for me to leave them this early. My oldest son is 15, we just completed the adoption papers on him last year, but he’s been living with me since he was 1.5. Our middle son is 13 and we have our 7-year-old little girl to cap things off.

I spent my whole adult life as a firefighter for the City of Fort Myers. Even with my illness, I still volunteer at my local department. My wife is an ER RN, and we have a small business together where we teach all sorts of emergency services classes, from CPR, to Advanced Cardiology, and specialized HAZMAT classes. Being able to work together has been a blessing, as we never know what tomorrow will bring. Traveling has been a big part of our family’s leisure, we’ve been blessed to take our kids to many places, and are working hard to get a few more off the bucket list before I become too sick to go. Because we live in Florida, watersports are a must, we have a boat and take it all over for fishing, tubing, kneeboarding & tubing.


Bill’s Life List:

  1. Scuba lessons/gear for my kids.
  2. A Big Green Egg grill.
  3. New cookware.
  4. New welding tools.


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