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Annastacia O

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I am 37 years of age, native to the Bahamas. I have two children (16 and 12 years of age). I was diagnosed earlier this year with acute myeloid leukemia.The journey for my diagnosis began prior to 2022 when I began experiencing health issues with my blood levels and noticed something was wrong. I spoke with my primary care physician and they found a mass in my pelvic area, further tests indicated AML.I recently came to the United States for treatment as my oncologist in my native country suggested coming to the best NCI-designated hospital closest to our island.  I traveled to Miami for an induction treatment that failed. The only viable option for me was to pursue a clinical trial to hopefully reduce my blast count to initiate a stem cell  transplant.


Annastacia’s LifeList:

  1. Flights for my mom to bring my sons to join me in Miami for a little while

  2. Clothes, I didn’t think I’d be in Miami this long and didn’t pack enough

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