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Last fall I noticed I was bloated constantly and just felt off. I began having stomach cramps that sent me to urgent care. I had an x-ray done and was told I was just constipated. I took some magnesium citrate and started feeling better. However, the stomach pains kept coming back even when I knew I wasn’t constipated. When I noticed fever and cough started to accompany the stomach cramps I got concerned. I went to the doctor three times in three months trying to figure out what was going on. They first thought I maybe had a UTI, then my doctor thought my gallbladder was going bad, and then I was diagnosed with mono. By the time I was diagnosed with mono most of my symptoms could have been explained but I still had an abdominal/pelvic CT scan already scheduled so I kept that appointment. An hour after my CT scan I got a call from my doctor saying I had a cantaloupe-sized mass on my right ovary partially obstructing my bowel. A week and a half later surgery was scheduled. For that week and a half, everyone including the doctor said it was most likely a benign ovarian cyst which is very common in women my age. I went into surgery knowing they would biopsy the mass in surgery and if it’s benign then they’d remove the cyst and one ovary. If it was cancerous, they’d do a radical hysterectomy. It was always in the back of my mind it might be cancer, but I was hopeful it wasn’t. I woke up from surgery to my husband telling me I had cancer and my ability to ever have biological children had been cut short. Since being diagnosed with an aggressive rare ovarian cancer (Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma) stage 1C3 I have started six rounds of chemo three weeks apart.


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