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I was diagnosed about a year ago, when I was 17 years old. I had to go through a lot of chemotherapy. I was first diagnosed as stage 2, but they saw progression from the breast to the sternum, causing me to be stage four. I had many scans, a lot of chemo and a lot of bloodwork. I then had surgery and radiation. My current treatment plan is to reach for cure and I am going through hormone therapy. The hardest part was seeing my mom die from this one month before I was diagnosed. I was still in school fighting a cancer that no one even thinks twice about a teenager fighting. Going through treatment while everyone around you lives their normal lives sucks. It’s hard. This cancer has made my life normal, but not everyone else’s normal. It’s hard to be able to do everything that someone my age would do, because I wasn’t able to for so long. Feels like a battle to get back to feeling like everyone else around me.

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  1. Meet Pierce The Veil

  2. Stay at Cartoon Network Hotel

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