Alyssa N

Former LifeList Warriors

Alyssa is 24-yrs-old. She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November of 2016. It was rough, both financially and emotionally, to have to take a hiatus from college and work to face her illness head-on. Suddenly, rather than being a student and barista, she was now a cancer patient. Days became filled with countless doctor’s appointments and long hours of chemotherapy.

Alyssa’s boyfriend, Eric, has been her greatest support throughout this journey, and he has shown her a strength and resilience that she aspires to match. When she’s not dealing with cancer-y things, Alyssa enjoys cooking, exploring new restaurants, watching Netflix, and being out in the sunshine on a nice day.

Cancer has overturned her life and forced her to reflect on the things that she considers most important- which, in many ways, is a positive thing. Alyssa looks forward to someday being in remission and getting back on track with her regular life.

Alyssa’s Life List:

  1. Go on a picnic
  2. Visit the beach in California
  3. Have my boyfriend come and stay for a few days while I am inpatient here at USC (flight to/from and lodging nearby)
  4. Spend a day with my boyfriend at Universal Studios Hollywood with a Universal Express pass
  5. Go on a tour of the Grand Canyon