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Alexandra (Alex)

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I was diagnosed in January of 2020 after finding a blood clot in my arm that didn’t have any explanation for being there. They ran my blood work and it showed that my white counts were so high it couldn’t be detected for sure. My husband and I drove to Utah that night (leaving our kids with family) and I started the very long journey of a month-long stay and very strong induction chemo. I then ended up doing three other rounds of chemo, spending a week in the hospital at a time then spending a couple weeks at home then going back to do it all again. I was then in remission. This year I went to the ER with extreme back pain which they found was caused by bilateral PEs (blood clots) in my lungs. I was told my cancer had relapsed and was life flighted. I did two rounds of chemo then had to do a bone marrow transplant.


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  1. A Bedroom Makeover

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