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In August of 2021, I started to have abdominal pain. It wasn’t extreme, but it was pretty frequent. I went to my doctor about it and they suggested that it could be a few things, including IBS. I started keeping a “food journal” to see if anything specific caused it but I couldn’t narrow any food down. Some things we tried helped, but the pain never went away. So, I had a CT scan in November of 2021 and my scan result came back showing that there was some inflammation in my colon, but nothing much else was really noticeable. At the end of January 2022, I went in to see a GI doctor.

I told my new GI Doctor everything and he was a bit confused. Some of my symptoms weren’t lining up clearly and he suggested that the best thing we could do was to schedule a colonoscopy. He said that “with someone your age, 9 times out of 10 I won’t find anything. But because of that 1 out of 10, I would rather do this sooner than later.” They had found a large tumor and took a biopsy for testing. Two days later on February 2nd, 2022, I received the phone call that it was indeed colon cancer. I was 28 years old. We scheduled surgery to get it removed and on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, I got the tumor taken out. It went well and I was out of the hospital the next day. They also removed some “suspicious-looking lymph nodes” around the tumor as well. They didn’t find any tumors in them, but unfortunately, they did find dead cancer cells. So, with the size of the tumor and that evidence, they classify it as Stage 3c. Since then I have been recovering and working on the next step in my treatment.


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  1. Meet Brendan Fraser

  2. A trip outside the US

  3. An espresso machine

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