We Need Your Voice: AYA Funding At Risk


Government funding for AYA Cancer Research is at risk

Whether you’re a Dear Jack Foundation program alum, donor, or supporter, as a member of our community we know that you recognize the importance of funding for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer research. While research is not our direct mission, research DOES impact health outcomes for those our mission serves. And so the fact that at risk is the only government funding currently earmarked to investigating the unique challenges faced by this group is alarming. It boils down to this: with no other funding dedicated for researchers to study and understand the biology of cancers that appear in AYAs as well as the unique needs of this population, treatment protocols and care for 15-39-year-olds with cancer will not advance.

“Time and time again, I hear adolescent and young adult patients and survivors talk about feeling ill-prepared and overlooked by the establishments charged with their care. This is not to indict the hard-working medical professionals who fight alongside these patients, but to highlight that there is an undeniable need for more tailored therapies and care of adolescents and young adults,” said Dear Jack Foundation founder Andrew McMahon

Critical Mass, a community-powered young adult cancer alliance and advocacy organization, is leading the effort in Washington to raise awareness of bill H.R.6157 and the budget appropriations threatening research funding for the very demographic we serve.

We invite you to join us, the AYA community, and our partners to help give adolescent and young adults a voice in Washington by writing a letter to your congressional representatives convincing them to prevent cuts to AYA cancer research. Find your state representatives’ contact information here.

Thank you in advance for adding your voice to the issue on behalf of the adolescent and young adult warriors we serve through our quality of life programs.

Andrea Schwartz
Executive Director