Get involved for your chance to win a private Andrew McMahon living room concert for you and 10 friends. 

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Each and every year, we are able to grow our annual campaign and up the stakes because of amazing donors like you!

Whether this is your first challenge or your 5th, we want to thank you for your continued support of the Dear Jack Foundation. Because of you, we are able to bring joy and guidance into the lives of young adult cancer patients and survivors through our Breathe Now and LifeList programs.

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About the 300K Challenge

Our annual giving challenge has grown out of an identified need to further close the gap in resources made available to adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors. Together, we have raised over $750,000 over past challenges! Help us achieve our biggest annual challenge goal yet of raising $300,000 by 11/11/19.

Prize Incentives:

  • Grand Prize: Private Living Room Concert by Andrew McMahon
  • Runner Up Prize: Up to 10 tickets to an AMITW headlining show of your choice in 2020 plus autographed posters for up to 10 people. (one ticket and poster per team member)
  • We will have “surprise” incentives throughout the campaign. These will be communicated via email and/or our social media platforms, so make sure you like, follow, and subscribe!

Fundraising Guidelines and Requirements:

  • You may fundraise as a team or as an individual.
  • If you fundraise as a team, you may have up to 10 people on your team.
  • Each individual or team is required to raise a minimum of $5000 to qualify for the grand and runner up prizes. Each additional $2500 raised above $5000 earns you an additional entry into the grand and runner up prize drawing.
  • Fundraising deadline is 11/11/19 at 11:59pm MST.
  • Grand prize and runner up winners will be drawn at random on or before December 1, 2019.
  • 300K Challenge Rules

Fundraising Materials

This year, we are excited to provide fundraisers a 300K Challenge fundraising manual to help get you started, as well as a customizable and printable Raise Your Voice event poster to help you promote your individual fundraising events.



What will $300,000 fund?

Life List

$300,000 will provide hope to 100 new LifeList warriors.

Breathe Now

It will also offer guidance to young adult survivor couples at 6 Breathe Now wellness retreats in 2020.

Fundraising Tips

The key to successful fundraising is to START EARLY!

For more fundraising tips, download the 300k Challenge Fundraising Guide.

  • Donate to your own project – set an example and make the first donation to your project. You should expect everyone to donate the same amount you’re donating so if you want people to donate $50 don’t donate $15 yourself.
  • Ask BIG – Don’t ask for just a $10 donation, ask for $50. You may get $50, or you may get less, but if you ask for only $10, that is probably all you will get!
  • Keep a good attitude. Be prepared that not everyone is going to donate. The more people you ask, the more donations you will get. If you don’t hear “no” a couple times a week, you are not asking enough people.
  • Don’t feel bad about asking people for money. Remember that you are not asking for money for yourself. It is going to a great cause. The more people you ask, the easier it becomes.
  • Set a goal to ask at least one new person for a donation every day. You have nothing to lose by asking.
  • Talk about it! Tell everyone you know/meet about what you are doing and what the money goes toward. The more you talk about it, the more interest you will generate.
  • Say Thank You and ask them to share your message with their community of influencers.
  • Don’t forget to check if your company matches donations. Matching donations are a great way to increase the amount of funds raised toward your campaign.
  • Most importantly, have fun with it! If you think of fundraising as a chore, it will become one.