2018 Year In Review


Dear Friends of Dear Jack,

May of 2019 marked my five-year anniversary as the Executive Director of the Dear Jack Foundation. It’s inspiring to have witnessed the growth of our community over the last five years. I vividly remember walking into the Dear Jack office on my first day. I came into an organization with lofty goals yet to be set, quality of life programs for the adolescent and young adult cancer population that were only a concept, an incredibly dedicated base of supporters eager to be engaged, and a staff of one.

Let’s fast forward five years. As I write today, I am humbled and proud to be surrounded by a board of directors, staff​, ​and supporters who are passionate, skilled and driven – driven to ensure Dear Jack Foundation continues to carry out our mission in a way that both professional and personal, and moves the organization closer to our vision of becoming a leader in quality of life programs for the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer community. I’m grateful for Dear Jack’s founder, Andrew​, ​and his wife, Kelly who continue to use their story as a platform to raise awareness for a critical need: improved quality of life resources for the underserved AYA demographic and their families.

As you read through the 2018 Year in Review, you’ll learn about program and fundraising growth. You’ll be exposed to powerful stories from the patients and survivors we serve through our Breathe Now and LifeList programs. You’ll learn about the struggles that young adults face from diagnosis through survivorship and the importance of an understanding community. You’ll become familiar with the opportunities Dear Jack creates that lead to success in establishing a community​-centric culture in all that we do. By the time you turn the last page, my hope is that your heart will beat a little stronger with a feeling of pride. Because it’s you, the Dear Jack community​, ​who is the heart behind our mission and the reason for our growth over the last five years. Whether you’re new to our organization or have been involved for many years, we are grateful for you.

Our dream is to live in a world where cancer does not exist. Until then, we will strive to become the leader in quality of life programs for the 70,000 AYAs diagnosed with cancer annually and the 600,000 AYA cancer survivors in the U.S. today.

While the 2018 Annual Report is a look back on our achievements, we are full speed ahead on ensuring the sustainability of what we’ve built together over the last five years. I know that sometimes it can be difficult to understand your level of impact when supporting a small organization with a giant mission. Rest assured that your investment in the Dear Jack Foundation will have an impact on the hundreds of young adult cancer patients, survivors, and their families who we serve today, tomorrow and for years to come.

On behalf of our entire board, staff, and the AYA cancer patients, survivors and caregivers we serve, thank you for your commitment.

With gratitude,
Andrea Schwartz, Executive Director

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