200K Challenge Campaign


Letter from Executive Director

May of 2018 marks my three-year anniversary as the Executive Director of Dear Jack Foundation. Since joining the Foundation I have witnessed the true definition of support. Support from you, our donors, for the adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer warriors we serve every single day. It is without question that it’s because of your unwavering commitment that in the last 3 years we have developed and implemented our two new programs Breathe Now and LifeList, continued our strategic partnerships with Cancer for College and First Descents, and established program referral partnerships with ten of the leading cancer treatment hospitals in the United States. Thank you.

From treatment to survivorship, adolescent and young adults face unique challenges that often times go unaddressed because of lack of resources and community made available to them. In my role at Dear Jack, over the last three years I have personally witnessed all too many AYAs moving through their cancer treatment without crucial support. Young adults are at a unique stage in their emotional, cognitive, and social development, which cancer often disrupts. The attempts by these young adults to establish independence from their parents, to complete school, to enter the workforce with a desired career, to find a life partner, and to raise a family often are temporarily, or sometimes permanently hindered, which can result in feelings of isolation and depression. Here at Dear Jack, our solution for addressing this gap in care is to strategically continue to grow our Breathe Now and LifeList programs in a way that results in improved health outcomes for AYAs diagnosed with cancer.

Ultimately our vision is community. From philanthropic partnerships that lead to success in establishing a community-centric culture in all that we do to ensuring that no adolescent or young adult has to face their cancer journey alone.

Whether it is your first time, our fourth, I invite you to gather your community to fundraise as part of the 200k Challenge this year. It is your voice that makes a difference in our mission. That allows us to grow our programs year over year.

Thank you for being a committed member of the Dear Jack community. Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your mind around the impact you are having when supporting a small organization with a giant mission. At the end of the day, know that you are personally providing Dear Jack warriors and their families some of the best days of their lives during one of the most difficult times of their lives and for this we are incredibly grateful.

To learn more and to join the challenge, visit www.dearjackfoundation.org/get-invovled.

Thank you!

Andrea Schwartz

Executive Director