Dear Jack Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the Dear Jack Scavenger Hunt!

Are you traveling to Denver for the Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 8th Annual Dear Jack Foundation benefit concert and wondering what you’re going to do before doors on 11/11?

Join your AMITW and Dear Jack community on a lyric inspired scavenger hunt in downtown Denver. We’ll provide the clues and you provide the proof. Participants who locate all the clues will receive an autographed AMITW poster from this year’s benefit concert.

Scavenger Hunt Date: 11/11/17
Scavenger Hunt Location: Downtown Denver

Scavenger Hunt Rules and Tips:
The scavenger hunt is to take place during the day on 11/11. You can work in teams. There are 8 picture clues of signs within a 1.5 mile area in downtown Denver.

Each picture has a corresponding written clue and knowing your Andrew McMahon lyrics will definitely help! Fill in the blank on each clue with the missing word from the Andrew McMahon song.

While you are searching for the 8 signs, there is a free shuttle that goes up and down 16th Street, hop on and off at any corner. Remember, when you are in Denver, the mountains are always to the west!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to take a picture (1 picture per team please) at each of the 8 stops with your team in front of the sign in the picture clue and post each of them to Instagram with three hashtags:

  • #Hunt4DJF
  • # (the name of the store/restaurant/stop for each clue)
  • # (your team name)

  • The last stop is at a location that has food and drinks. A DJF representative will be on site from 1-4pm, so stop in, have a drink and say hello!

    If you get stumped, you can text our amazing volunteer Susan at 720-985-6751 for a clue. (Text only. Please do not overwhelm her with phone calls. Thank you!)

    Teams that post all 8 pictures with the 3 hashtags will receive an autographed AMITW 8th Annual Benefit Concert Poster. (Up to 4 posters per team only). If you qualify, pick up your poster at the Dear Jack booth inside the Ogden theater upon your arrival to the benefit concert that night. To save on postage, we will not be mailing posters out so we can put more money towards our programs.

    Have a blast exploring and welcome to Dear Jack’s home base headquarters. We hope you love it here as much as we do!

    Scanvenger Hunt Clues:

    Lyric: “You’re the reason I’m still up at dawn, just to see your _____.”

    The D sign is at an outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment complex near Glenarm and 16th Street. There are some free giveaways in a specific store for the first 15 DJF friends who stop in! Find the store that has black and white striped bags and supplies for your ______.


    Lyric: “The stars are out tonight, one million fires burning, out there on the _____ dive.”

    To get to the E sign, you only need to go a little ways southeast. You are looking for a store down below that can help you get _____.


    Lyric: “I’ve __(a)__ crawled through Amsterdam, I’ve been around the world with a punk __(b)__ band.”

    To get to the first A sign, head back northwest and stop at a __(a)__ that has locations all over the world and displays incredible __(b)__memorabilia. They are giving DJF customer discounts.


    Lyric: “And there was this, Hiding at the _____ of your Swimming pool”

    To get to the R sign, continue northwest to find a restaurant with _____ in it’s name.


    Lyric: “Double vision wrapped in last night’s party _____, I can’t spend another night alone.”

    To find the J sign, head southwest on Larimer to find a darling _____ store. The first 20 DJF friends to stop in here, will get a giveaway!


    Lyric: “’Cause somedays are just so hard, And we hung like space stations and _____ships”

    To find the second A sign, head back northeast and find a fun candy shop with_____ in it’s name. They are giving a 10% discount to DJF friends that stop in and buy anything!


    Lyric: “Living in the pages of a _____she read, I sewed a farewell letter with a needle and thread”

    To find the C sign, head northwest on 16th to a _____ store.


    Lyric: “And I’m alright, I think we’re good, Yeah, I _____ more than the doctors say I should”

    To get to your final stop, the K, head a couple blocks north, past Union Station to a place where you can get beer and other _____s.
  • (If you get there between 1 and 4pm, stop in and let them know you are with Dear Jack and come say hi to Susan, our DJF Scavenger Hunt representative.)